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Hey Guys! Are you dealing with relationship issues?

  • Loneliness
  • Depression
  • Substance abuse  
  • Lacking in emotional and sexual intimacy with partner.
  • Poor Physical Health

My Name is Geordy and I am a Counsellor and passionate about working with guys on relationships and meeting their goals when life seems to have caught up with them and seems to impact us in similar ways. I believe every man could use another guy to share, be real with and have someone help them in their journey.

These may be some of the areas you would like to work on.

  • 1. Increased confidence
  • 2. Improve career
  • 3. Closeness with family and friends
  • 4. Renewed Sexual and Emotional intimacy
  • 5. Living with Purpose
  • 6. Increase Physical Health

Sign up for a free consult with me means no rigid schedules or set pace. I will work with you one-on-one to find the counselling approach that works best for you and your schedule.

My CounsellingApproach will help you:

Identify your goals

I will help you identify goals that are specific and measurable that you will be able to achieve and find success.

"Maybe you already know what you want, but need help with how to find success."

Learn Coping Strategies

Life is full of wrenches and obstacles. I will help you learn strategies to deal with your challenges instead of letting them stop you on your life’s journey.

"Its incredible how life can catch up to us and all of a sudden our relationships suffer."

Gain Confidence

I will help you identify negative patterns, as well as the positive more adaptive beliefs that may help grow your confidence.

"I found that I lost real connection to my partner and its been so difficult to gain it back."

Put it into Practice

I will walk alongside you on the journey as you put some of the skills into practice, so that you can actually see the results.

"We came up with tangible goals and could actually use what we came up with during the week."

“Geordy helped me to see that it was not my lack of love for my family, but the lack of connection I was having with them. His approach was direct and I appreciated another guy to connect with who was a professional.”

— Michael B., client of 2 years

What's included in my free consult?

20% off subsequent sessions online or in person

Weekly checkins as needed

Proven strategies to reach your goals

Geordy has therapeutic strategies to help you meet your goals at your own pace.

Adaptive Approach

Every person is different and I can adapt my approach to make sure that it is something that will work for you.

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Sign up for a free consult and also receive 20% off services for the duration of your counselling sessions.